Strategic Objectives

In executing against this plan over the period 2017-2020 we will focus on fiveprimary objectives:

  • Strengthen our data planning and be a leader to become as a driver of Impact
  • Compete, win and build new World Class systems of Excellence
  • Significantly increase our level of Industry Engagement and revenue, delivering significant projects
  • Significantly increase our success in planning, executing and managing data in all sectors
  • Establish selective collaborations in strategic International markets with significant value add for the Somali economy

Strategic Values

  • Leadership – Clarity and focus in decision-making with respect and integrity in all dealings
  • Excellence – Creating high value solutions that optimise opportunity
  • Teamwork – Professional, accountable to one another and focused on delivery
  • People – Secure, well-resourced,  self-assured
  • Entrepreneurship – Confidence in managing risk and driving enterprise
  • Optimism – Determined and resolute in the face of challenge